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Parque Venecia

Zaragoza - 2012
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First HD project

For first time, we developed the project with a higher resolution than the previous ones, in HD. The format of this resolution is 720p. This number indicates to the number of horizontal lines of resolution that has the screen and the letter p comes from progressive scan.

In short, the resolution used in 720p format is 1280 x 720 pixels resulting 921,600 pixels. The video format that we used before was the PAL that has 720 x 576 pixels, a total of 414,720 pixels. Comparing the resulting amounts we can test that one is almost twice the other.

The final quality is far superior, being sharper in detail, however, this has a cost.

Rendering with these conditions slows down the calculation, and consumes more resources on computers. And also, it is difficult to explain to the customer yet. :(

In any case it is necessary to go forward with this step, the PAL is being deprecated giving way to HD.


The location

In this case, the first step was define their place in the neighborhood promotions, recently built.

With the help of orthophotos, we approaching to the citty area, and after, transforming them in a plane, the buildings grow schematically and coloring the three blocks of apartments.

Taking advantage of the common areas of the neighborhood were already finished, we use as visual reference, since the rest of promotions still being built. The client was right wanted to use this fact to explain that the area was consolidated, and that was important in order to attract potential buyers. The problem was in the state of vegetation, which at this time of year, and while still newly planted, was not in the best situation to be filmed.


Moving Objects

The apartment block was repeated virtually, changing only the location. It´s a  simple and clean building. Sometimes like this one, we should be a little more creative than usual and try to dazzle the customer. He has got to desire in the way it is, ready to live in this building.

People walking

A while back we want to improve the animation and visualization of people in movement. In any case we refer to movements as detailed as great film animations. It is worth a lot less. Still costs a lot and,  sometimes, if we look at the results, we prefer to see the empty streets . Therefore movements are mild and are remote camera to be more credible.

Moving leaves

At this time, we went forward working with trees in movement. When we see vegetation at a certain speed, the robustness of the trees is remarkable.

In this project, we animated the movement of the trees. We made an effort to think it was worth it.
In the next animated project (soon I hope) we´ll tell you other options.


We have not used birds yet, but is often used in architectural visualization projects. We believe that it was interesting try it in this case. We create the model and moved a flock that is credible when you´re far enough.


The interior

We only visualized the living room. We show it in to different light situations : night and day.

I hope you liked it and I hope you feel free for sharing it.

The next project will surprise you, you'll see it. We used real videos and CG together. ;)

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